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Thirty Year 9 students at King Harold Academy went behind the scenes at Edge Hotel School when second year students took them on a tour of the 4* Wivenhoe House Hotel, the heart of the Edge Hotel School, near Colchester.
They had the opportunity to find out more about Hotel Management and Events Management with Hospitality Degree courses.
As part of the experience, the students played a game, 'Calamity Hotel', using their skills to turn around a poorly-run hotel to run at a profit and more effectively.
The students found the day really enjoyable and were surprised how varied the jobs are within the hospitality industry, and how they can travel the world with this career.
During the visit the students met Year 11 King Harold students Migle Jociute and Rosie Seddon who have just left the Broomstick Hall Road school and were on the university campus for the first week of their National Citizen Service Award (NCS).
The NCS is a three-week residential programme to build skills for work and life, where students take on new challenges and meet new friends.

13.07.2018 - King Harold Academy

Year 9 students at King Harold Academy took part in Aspirations Day.
Matt Rozier gave a 'Hands on Physiology' practical presentation exploring the cardiovascular and respiratory system which saw students take part in a heart and lung dissection.
Artificial intelligence, connectivity and the explosion of data will change everyones' lives over the next few years.
Chris Williams, Chief Architect for IBM Watson, gave a presentation on how robots learn and the careers available within Technology.
His key message was that the technology sector does not just need technical people but also creative and artistic talent to make things work, as well as engineers to build.
The students were inspired by 'Made for Education' to develop positive habits for success in an action-packed session focusing on Goals and Aspirations.
Professional classical guitarist Matt Burton, who gained a Masters Degree in Classical Guitar at Southampton University, treated students to a concert performance and shared his journey from Year 9 to his time at university and what university life has to offer.
'Medical Mavericks' highlighted careers in the Healthcare sector.
The students could explore various career paths and were given hands-on experience of using the same technology as used by nurses, doctors, paramedics and scientists in the healthcare sector.

13.07 2018 King Harold Academy

Thirty Year 9 students at King Harold Academy attended a workshop entitled 'Powering Transformation' which was delivered by The Transformation Trust and DELL at Anglia Ruskin University.
The workshop - part of the Through Make Happen initiative - saw groups of students identify a community social issue within the world, then use technology to come up with a solution.
At the end of the workshop, the students - along with students from another school - had the opportunity of putting forward their ideas to a panel of judges.
The judges were incredibly impressed with the quality of the presentations and how wide ranging the issues identified had been.
They said the students were able to articulate their ideas to solve the issues clearly, with one of the King Harold Academy groups selected as the overall winners for their presentation on supporting those with mental health and anxiety.
They now hope to become the regional winner.

13.07 2018 King Harold Academy