Privacy Notice

Epping Forest Youth Employment Strategy Partnership (YES)

GDPR Data Protection Policy

We retain the following information, for the reasons and time stated.

  1. Name and email address, and possibly telephone number, of those contacts who have been, or have indicated a desire to be, a facilitator at one or more of our conferences. This information will be retained under the Soft-In option until such time as removal is requested. On all contacts with the subject the opportunity to opt-out will be provided.
  2. Name and school attended of students who have or intend to attend one of our conferences.
    This information is provided by the relevant school, who will have obtained the necessary consents
    for this information to be passed to YES. This information will be retained for a maximum period of 3 years, or until contact between YES and the student has ended, if sooner, or upon receipt of a request for removal.
  3. Name, and contact details, of businesses who have expressed a desire to support the work of the YES partnership. This information will be retained until a request is received for removal from our records. The opportunity will be given on every contact to request removal of the record, as follows.

The above information will be held on one, two or three private and secure computers, controlled by either the Chairman, Deputy Chairman or Secretary of YES.

In summary:
Only contact information freely provided by the subject will be securely held, and used only for the purpose it was provided.
It will be retained only for the periods stated, and all contacts will be reminded of the opportunity to opt-out on every future contact.

Paula Violet has been appointed to the position of DPO on behalf of the YES Partnership

May 2018

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually: Review date May 2019