Information for Parents


The YES Partnership works with students who are in Years 9 & 10. It is appreciated that, within this age range young people face many challenges and difficult decisions that affect their future. Our aim is to complement the support that their schools are giving them. We achieve this by treating the students as conference delegates throughout the day in a stimulating environment. Ideally the same cohort of Year 9 students should attend the second Conference in Year 10. The Conferences are run entirely by volunteers drawn from different walks of life, some of whom have experience of working with young people.

The Conferences

The Conference for Year 9 is called a Motivation Conference as this is exactly what we hope to achieve. To motivate the students into having an increased belief in themselves and their abilities, to help them to see the horizons they can achieve and to help them to overcome their misconceptions and fears of the future. We hope the students will leave the day feeling excited about themselves and their future.

With the Year 10 World of Work (WOW) Conferences we introduce them to the many and varied opportunities the world of work has to offer. We give them access to the many Career opportunities there are and the pathways they need to follow to achieve their chosen Career. The day is supported by experts from local Businesses who not only give of their time, but also provide the students with a realistic insight into their work.   The feedback we receive from students is always positive and we feel privileged to be able to work with them.

The Venue

We are fortunate to be able to hold our Conferences in the Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel. The students are fortunate to be able to enjoy a day in a 1st Class working Hotel, which not only provides an excellent and stimulating environment, but also an excellent 3 Course


The safety of the students is of prime importance and central to the day. We have an accredited Safe Guarding Policy and the Hotel has a Health and Safety Policy. The students work in groups of 5 with two volunteers (Facilitators) who ensure they are not only supported through the activities, but also work in a safe and secure environment. Members of staff from the attending schools support the volunteers with the behaviour of the students.

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